Wednesday, June 18, 2008

3 Steps to Knock Down Your EBook Writing Research

How to write a superb quality eBook that sells without scratching your head?

This is what you will learn reading this article, check it out right here...

Here are 3 simple steps that you can take to start writing a cut throat eBook starting today...

Step 1 - Survey Your Niche.

Step 2 - High Demand Topics.

Step 3 - Write Your EBook.

Lets get down to step by step details right here...

Step 1 - Survey Your Niche.
It is extremely important that you survey your niche if you want to come out with a cut throat eBook.

There are 2 ways you can use to survey your list of subscribers starting today, this includes...

1. If you have your own list just blast an email to your list of subscribers and ask them for help.
Ask them what they want, what is their most pressing problem and in which area they want you to help them out to solve their problem.
If you have established your expertise in the eyes of your subscribers they will surely respond to your email and ask you to give them a killer solution for the same.
Once you have their emails, you have lots of product ideas that you can focus on to build your product funnel super fast.
Just do some research on the topic and start writing your own eBook.

2. If you do not have a list of your own and you are just starting out in a completely new niche, here's what you can do.
Search on Google for ezines in your niche. You will find hundreds of ezines out there.
Signup as a subscriber for few of them and see which ezine produces the best content and quality.

The ezine that produces the best content will have regular readers.

Now you can simply contact the ezine publisher and ask them to place your survey to their list.
You could do a JV with them and ask them to share profits, if not they will ask you to pay for the solo ad that you want to send to their list.

This will help you to survey your niche super fast and once you have your product ready you can shoot an email to this list once again to sell your product.

And you will make instant sales as you are giving the list what they want.

Whatever you do make sure you select high demand low competition topics...
Step 2 - High Demand Topics.
It is extremely important to select high demand low competition topics to write your eBook.
You could easily do a demand competition analysis of your niche using any popular keyword research tool.

Or you could just visit forums and see what people are discussing out there.

This will give you lots of ideas as to where you should focus on to write your eBook and what people are purchasing out there in your niche.

Now start writing your eBook...
Step 3 - Write Your EBook.
Doing the above steps you should have enough knowledge to start writing your eBook, so without wasting much time get started with the writing stuff.

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