Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How to Write an EBook Quickly Before Repurposing Your Content Into Articles Based on Your EBook

By Connie Ragen Green

You will be able to write your eBook more quickly if you do not write articles at the same time. It has been my experience that it is too distracting to write articles at the same time you are writing your eBook. My recommendation is to write your eBook from start to finish, without writing any articles during this time. Here are the steps that will make the eBook process go smoothly and easily for you.

Make an outline to follow while you are writing your eBook. This outline will guide you through the writing process.

Each of your main ideas will become a chapter of your eBook. Put the chapters into order so that the reader will be able to follow the information you are providing in a logical order as they read from beginning to end.

Have someone edit your writing as soon as you finish your first draft. This will give you an opportunity to take a break from the writing process and get some feedback from someone who is reading your eBook for the very first time. This feedback will be valuable for you as you get ready to complete your writing and get it finished to market to others online.

When you have completely finished writing, begin to make articles out of each section of your eBook. A fifty page eBook should give you enough content for twenty to forty articles, depending upon the type of material you are writing about.

By waiting until you completely finish your eBook before writing any articles, both your articles and your eBook will be of a higher quality and more focused on your niche topic.

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