Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stop Buying Internet Marketing EBooks - They Will Not Make You Rich

By Ed Porter

Did you learn your current career in a day? Did you learn everything about your current job from a 54 page eBook? Of course not! If you are like me you went to 12 years of school followed by 4 years of college and still needed to get years of on the job experience to get to where you are today.

Why is it then that we believe that by paying $39 for an eBook about Crushing Adwords or being a Rich Jerk you can master Internet Marketing? Stop buying internet marketing eBooks that promise you quick riches.

Thousands of eBooks touting a guaranteed path to internet success are being sold every day. Unfortunately many of them do the same thing. They leave you wanting more eBooks to fill in the gaps. Each one gives you just enough information to feel like you can be successful. In addition once you read the eBook and begin implementing the program you will have questions. Who are you going to call when you need help? Ghostbusters? No, you are going to buy another eBook. You can not stop buying them . It is a vicious cycle.

Fortunately there is now a formal Internet Marketing University that provides what was missing from all of the courses and eBooks of old. That course is Wealthy Affiliate.

6 Things that make Wealthy Affiliate the best internet marketing training course available:

1. 8 Week Action Plan: 8 Weeks of action oriented training. You get to earn while you learn.

2. Clickbank Research Tool: Pick the correct Clickbank products based on their return
percentage. Many products have return rates of over 25%. This infomation is not shown in Clickbank.

3. Learning Center: eBooks, videos, diagrams, tutorials. This alone would cost you over $1,000 if you bought all these things individually. They leave no stone unturned.

4. Research Center: Keyword tools, Competitive spying tools allow you to beat the competition by knowing what they are up to.

5. Marketing Materials: Free internet marketing methods, Pay Per Click Network guides with step by step instructions.

6. The Forum: A community of like-minded people learning, training and working together to make money with Affiliate Marketing. People share their campaigns, and step by step processes that have made them successful. The owners of the Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson are also both very active members of the forum. They want their members to succeed. This community alone is worth the $39 per month.

Internet Marketing has opened up the possibility for all people to start a successful business. Success at Internet Marketing does not come by accident. There is a science to internet marketing that cannot be explained in one or two eBooks. So stop buying Internet marketing eBooks that promise to make you rich. Get a real Internet Marketing education. Wealthy Affiliate provides the training, support and tools that you need to be successful.

Ed Porter is a well known internet marketer a frequent contributor to several internet marketing forums and a coach to new internet marketers.
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