Wednesday, June 18, 2008

EBook Writing Secrets Revealed - 5 Steps to Write a Kick-Butt EBook Now

By Sean R Mize

Writing an eBook is an art and a science.

You have to apply the 5 steps laid down below to make sure your eBook sells better than your competitor's eBook.

Some simple marketing tips make all the difference in selling your eBook like crazy.

Here are 5 simple steps that will show you how to create a high quality eBook...
Step 1 - Choose a Topic of Your Interest.
Step 2 - Research Your Niche.
Step 3 - Create a How to Guide.
Step 4 - Create an Audio Video EBook.
Step 5 - Write in a Friendly Approach.

Lets get down to step by step details...
Step 1 - Choose a Topic of Your Interest.
It is important that you write about something that you love and you have knowledge about.
If you love something you will create quality out of it and your professionalism will shine.
So make sure you do what you love and you will love your work and your success will be much much faster.

Make sure you research your niche before you tap into something...
Step 2 - Research Your Niche.
Even though you love your topic it is important for you to know that your niche has money to spend on the product that you are creating.
A simple way to research your niche before you create your eBook is to build your list first.
Then ask your subscribers what is it that they want your advice on or what is their most pressing problem.
Once you know what problem they are facing you can easily create a solution out of their problems and you will have a killer product idea that you can write about.
Create a how to guide...

Step 3 - Create a How to Guide.
How to guides sell pretty well for a simple reason, they provide step by step information on how to do a particular thing or how to solve a particular problem.
A simple example is to create a how to eBook about designing a website from scratch.
Your visitors will love such product because they get to learn everything from their own step by step from scratch.

Create an audio video eBook to increase its perceived value...
Step 4 - Create an Audio Video EBook.
If you create an audio video eBook the perceive value of your eBook will increase to a lot extent.
Create an eBook and also convert the details into a video product.
It is easy to create a video, you can simply use a software named camtasia to create a video of your own.

You can also create an audio and include it in the eBook.
This will sell your eBook like hot cakes.
Write your eBook in a friendly tone...
Step 5 - Write in a Friendly Approach.
It is important to write your eBook as if you are speaking to a friend.
People like to hear such a tone rather than reading another literature eBook.
So make sure your eBook contains a friendly approach and explain your readers something as if you are explaining your friend.
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