Wednesday, June 18, 2008

EBook Writing - 3 Step Plan to Cut-Throat EBook Writing

By Sean R Mize

Do you want to make sure that your eBook stand out from the crowd?
Do you want to make sure that your eBook sells like crazy?
Are you planning to take your eBook to the next level where you sell your eBooks all day long even while you sleep?

If you answered yes, this article will finally show you how to write superior quality eBooks.
The purpose of this article is to make sure that you write a killer eBook in no time flat applying 3 simple easy to follow steps starting today.

Whatever you do make sure that you apply this 3 block formula to write a killer eBook.
There has never been a better time for you to get started than it is today. Get started right now...

3 simple steps make sure that you create your own high quality eBook starting today...
Step 1 - Add Personal Touch.
Step 2 - Tell Your Story.
Step 3 - Create a Plan.

Here's complete details on how to write kick butt eBooks right from the start...
Step 1 - Add Personal Touch.
It is important while writing your eBook to write in a friendly tone.
Your eBook readers should feel that they are hearing from a personal friend who is showing them a way to solve their problem in a step by step way.
Therefore make sure that you provide a personal touch in your eBook.
Let your personality shine. If you do this your eBook will be unique from the crowd and you will be loved by your audience.

The next step shows you to write your own story...
Step 2 - Tell Your Story.
The best quality eBook that you can write is where you reveal your own story.
Tell your story as to how you were personally stuck up in a problem that your readers are facing today.
For example, if you are writing an eBook on the topic of how to drive traffic to your website, you could share your story with your readers.
You can tell them how you went through the pains of low website traffic and how you were frustrated with lack of income inspite of having a quality product.
Then how you discovered the formula to crack the traffic code and how your website counter literally spiked up.
With this kind of knowledge and by hearing your story your readers will be seriously motivated to implement your steps and get their website traffic counter to the next level.
Make sure you create a cut throat plan...

Step 3 - Create a Plan.
Whatever you do it is important that you create a killer plan to write your eBook.
Setup an outline for your eBook. This includes creating a skeleton of your eBook.
The structure could include the title of your eBook, the sub headlines, examples that you will include, your introduction and conclusion along with your resources.

Once you have all this ready all you have to do is just fill up the sections and your eBook will be ready in no time flat.
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