Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How To Write An Ebook In Seven Days

by Smith Johnson

The lives of many people are greatly affected by the internet. In fact, some individual's lifestyle has taken a dramatic turn because of the internet. Even if your miles apart from your love ones, you can get connected in an instant as long as you have a fast internet connection. With the extensive use of the net, people from all parts of the world converge into one global village.

Writers are also affected by the internet nowadays. Many years ago writers seek the help of renowned publishers just to get their books published but these days, it's quite different. You can disregard publishers if you want to write a book and you can do that by writing eBooks.

This may sound hard especially for beginners. Writing an eBook for the first time is an overwhelming task. Don't get discouraged because the help that you're looking for is right here in this article. The question 'how to write an eBook' should be a very simple task.

The Right Attitude and Equipment
First and foremost, you should have the right equipment and attitude. Always think positive and who knows, your first eBook can become a bestseller. If things turned out the other way around, you should still congratulate yourself because you tried your best in the project. You can do much better in your next eBook.

What you need to write your first eBook is a computer, some directions, and a good software. Supposing you already have a computer at home and the right software, then here are the directions that you need to follow:

Five Steps To Write Your Own Ebook

1. Establish reasons. You can't write a book if you have no reasons for writing it. The reasons can include promoting a particular business, financial gain, career advancement, self satisfaction, education, and many other reasons. To get motivated, start writing what those reasons are and after that, you will be more than willing to start writing your eBook.

2. Choose a subject. Books can have so many different subjects but with your eBook, it should be something that you have an adequate knowledge already because how can you possibly write about something that you don't know anything about. It will be a lot easier to write about something that you are closely familiar with.

3. Choose a catchy title. Before writing anything, you need to choose a catchy title. You can write down several titles on a piece of paper and then later choose the best one. It should be catchy so that the attention of the readers is easily caught. The content of the eBook should be indicated in the title. The whole book should be clear to keep everything in balance.

4. Choose an audience. You need to consider factors like gender, age, education, and social background before you can identify the audience of your eBook. Your writing style and the subject of the eBook can influence the audience that can appreciate the book.

5. Don't forget to include a thesis statement. There are eBook writers who disregard the thesis statement but it would be best to have one in your eBook. You can do this with only a few sentences to explain why you've written the eBook and your expectations. Consider it as your eBook's foundation so it should be specific. Now you can create your document and after that you can already choose the format to use. Congratulations because now you can successfully write your eBook.

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